Friday, December 14, 2018

Arco 2017

Again it's been a while since I've put anything on the blog due to other commitments and stuff so I'll start by going back to Arco 2017 and some of the art that interested me. 

Above is a piece by the South African artist Kendall Geers who came from a working class Afrikaan backround and grew up during apartheid. At fifteen he got involved in the anti -  apartied movement. Later he publicily refused to serve in the South AfricanDefence Force which lead to his exile from Africa not returning until the release of Mandela in 1990.

He rejected everything that his family and society stood for. He changed his name and his date of birth to May 1968 which was the birth of the civil rights movement.It´s struck me straight away even though I knew nothing about the artist at the time. Simple but complex design or assemblage, like something from the hunger games. Maybe because in Spain also in the past years there has been so many demonstrations that the sight of a truncheon is something I´m immediately drawn to or am familiar with. 

Los Carpinteros - KOW - Madrid - Havana

This was probably the first piece in the show that really drew my attention painted in such exactitude but very fresh. I do love a good technical drawing and also the scale is impressive. 

Los Carpinteros established themselves in the 1990s as a collective of two and later three artists Marco Castillo Valdes , Dagoberto Rodríguez Sanchez and Alex Jesús Arrechea Zambrano although with Spanish names it looks like a gang. 

Talking a name like the carpenters associates with a more artisan approach such as is shown in the fine painting above and also in the subject matter. A light spatial aerial structure in wood beautifully painted in a delicate medium. And a symbolic image of the 20th century. In addition to such wonderful sculptures ( I am sure the image above was made by the group before being painted ) they also produce videos where they present the twerks in a society in which everyone is apparently equal and void of class divide.

The ´carpenters` in English reflect on the social transformations taking place in Cuba by probing the relationship between form and function through wit and craftsmanship. In addition to beautifully realised sculptures, and drawings the group also produce video where they present the twerks in a society where everyone is apparently equal and is void of class divide.

Some works I liked for the simple freshness of idea and not essentially their aesthetic. Plastic is no doubt the cancer of out times and hopefully it´s omnipresence will soon be a thing of the past but it´s definitely of our age and it´s appearance even in a negative like this is so familiar that in a strange way it´s comforting. 

An then something like this , so pure and artisan.

These pieces of relief sculpture are carved from compressed styrofoam. I thought this could be a cool idea for resin pieces in the future using different pigments and making a mold in silicone first.

Angela De La Cruze

It´s not the first time this idea of pouring the pure form of paint into the present has been done but I felt in this case there was a very pure and sculptural element to the work. Reminiscent of seventy home interiors or something. 

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