Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Arco 2014 Madrid

I had a fleeting visit to the Arco 2014 art fair due to the fact that it took place at the same time as Artmadrid 2014 and I had to spent the majority of time there. It´s such an enormous fair that I decided I would concentrate on a theme in the work that I saw instead of trying to get everything in. So I took texture and light as subjects in the works I saw. The first intriguing piece was at the Stefan Ropke gallery which was essentially a large piece of crumbled paper but had a lovely soft tissue texture and the second piece was this portrait of a head in boxes not very original maybe but really well painted, loose and watery texture mmm.

Then there were pieces where I really liked the idea, for example the eight ball was classic and with an excellent finish from the Ines Barrenechea gallery (Madrid)

This installation or collection of paintings from Luis Coquenao gave the impression of a type of lunar landscapes but on closer inspection was layer watery texture applied in strokes to the paper, very immediate and it still looked wet.

These works for the light and the fresh and precise finish. The second piece by David Magan played with the layering of  colors beautifully.

Sandra Vasquez de la Horra´s work I had seen before in Paris last July when I was thee with Bea for the who´s next fashion fair. It´s fantastic stuff ,slightly unnerving with a nieve style which makes the sexuality in the drawings even more unsettling. But great combination of textures like the red brick woman with the baby.

This photograph doesn´t do it justice but the circular light piece was great and so simple also the spools of thread was clever, simple and so well executed very cool neat little piece.

 Again  in this work by Mimma Russo for the texture and the simplicity I guess and  the color of the eggs has that old photograph look or almost like it´s a photocopy it was in fact a wall mounted sculpture.

Some of the pieces were so clever. After working for a few years hanging shows in galleries I really could appreciate this piece by Robert Lazzarini.


This was one of my favorite pieces in the whole show, softly  painted textures called  Las lunas oscuras noche 2013 -( The dark moons nights )



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