Friday, July 24, 2015

Recent additions in Tabacalera

I have noticed that the style of graffitti in La tabacalera has changed or better has modified. The styles seem more brash and there is just a little more drawing  or illustration elements. Lile the work of ALANIZ an Argentinian artist based in Berlin that´s the painting of the guy on the phone below the tree taken from a photo of the Argentinian president during the military coup.

The soltano (Basement) area of the building which is a catacomb of passageways with spaces on each side  which would have been storage areas for tobacco in the past has been recently upgraded a bit for fire and safety reasons. This has lead to a little renaissance of urban art and music in the establishment!

La Tabacalera has become a center point for urban art now in the city of Madrid and is gaining more and more recognition as the most successful ´autogestionada´ in Spain. In the recent regional elections in which  ´Ahora Madrid´  a new political party knocked the PP from in Mayorship which it had held for almost thirty years the party had held it´s meetings before in the center.The use of this free public amenity is allowing people to grow independantly from ground level ,very slowly though.

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