Thursday, June 4, 2015

Arco 2015

This yearat at Arco I went with an artist friend Lucia who has gone also for the last five years or so and both of us came away impressed at what we say. Although sadly every year there is less sulpture the tactile and hands work was more present . Normally there is a huge amount of print and photography which bores me for the greater part.

It is true that art fairs in general cater in the wham bam factor which only excites when either its not expected or when on closer inspection your find craftsmanship and in that a quiter sense of time and contemplation.

This year I was looking more specifically for works that I could take inspiration from myself and that I could use to help me steer my own work in a different direction.Works that I found similarities to my work in the materials etc.

The piece that caught my attention was this piece by Daniel Verbis  - La metamorfosis 2014 

Its a pity that my camera is so crap but next year I will go with something better than just my phone.It may look easy to do (which I really like about it also) , but this is not easy and the artist has managed to keep a sense of immediacy and freshness as if at one point a magnet had had pulled all the pieces together, very pop!!

I thought this piece was really clever and again had a just made sense to it, like somebody had just found it, a readymade in cement,


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