Making Crop circles – Making a legend – Reading B1 – C2

Mark Tenant versus Micheal Borreman -- Making comparisons between the painters. Conversation - B1 - C2

Are NFTS worth their weight in gold or will they crash like a lead balloon? - NFTS - Part 2 - Reading and Speaking.

THE METAVERSE , the likely or unlikely place to be? - Level B1+ - C2 – PART 2 \note - this lesson plan is incomplete \

What art NFTS and how do they relate to the metaverse? - Level B1+ - C2 - PART 1- Listening-

OUTSIDER ART – An introduction --- Level B2- C 2

New works

The Dark but Enchanting World of Edward Gorey.

Can comics and graphic novels be used in the classroom ?

Tabacalera to become a new centre of contemporary culture in Madrid.

Game of Thrones Hush Hush.........

Circumstances - 2013 - 2019