Ken Loach - 'Sorry we missed You' -- Article and interview .

I feel it in my bones - Vampire Weekend

Joe Strummer, a bender in Madrid and a lost Dodge !

David Hockney and the Joy of Nature.

Banksy versus 'Guess' and the tragedy that there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Dracula 1972 - What happens when Dracula meets swinging London in the 1970's? -- Reading and listening\ B1+ - C1 \

Nostalgia - morriña - Melancholia

Reimagining a city -- The Guggenheim Museum and the city of Bilbao.

The story of the toy horse

The British Museum and The Elgin Marbles -- Should they be returned ?

Pitching up -- Phrasal verb - meaning to arrive .

I am not a robot.

Making Crop circles – Making a legend – Reading B1 – C2